Why Do Good Guys Not Get The Girls?

It’s a clichéd storyline where girls complain that “Guys are just stupid,” and that they don’t know how to treat a lady.  However, there is another side to that story that isn’t always revealed.  Guys are always depicted as the knights in shining armour, rescuing the damsel in distress from the dark tower.  However, it seems that through time our armour has lost it’s shine and the bad guys are gaining more attention.

Chivalry and compliments seem to be mistaken for flirting and there seems to be the presence of a paradoxical story.  The guy mistreats the girl and she leans onto her best friend who supports her, embraces her, wipes away all her tears and reassures her everything is going to be alright yet she fails to truly recognise him.  This is known as the “friendzone” in this day and age.  Whether or not she realizes that he truly loves her, it’s nice to know that there are some guys out there doing us justice.

As guys our ego and pride takes centre stage supressing us from showing emotions and sensitivity thus we become almost robot like.  We must become the alpha males taking a domineering position in relationships.  The essence of who we truly are is energy so if we were to strip ourselves from our exterior façade we would exist as equals in unity.  Our strengths and weaknesses should compliment one another rather than conflicting against each other.

There are some of us who are old school and we still believe in true love often depicted in the movies.  People often say be realistic, love doesn’t work life that.  Those who dare to dream often make the impossible reality and where there is hope and faith, there is always a way.

We believe in catering for our love and treating our significant other with respect.  We believe in being a good listener and looking into our loves eyes when she talks to us.  We are old souls and we seek something profound and everlasting.  The connection we seek expands beyond the physical and dwells in the spiritual.  We believe in building the foundation for a strong friendship, embracing one other for our being in totality before anything more comes of our relationships.

When our love has that twinkle in her eye as she pours out her dreams and fears we become immersed in that moment knowing that she trusts us enough to let us in and break down the barriers she has had up for so long.  We cannot blame her as this cold world has the ability to do that to someone.  In that one moment we smile and we are two souls immersed as one and time becomes lost in oblivion and we wish that this one moment could last eternity.

We dream of dancing and kissing in the rain, stargazing together on a roof at 3am, taking long hikes and embarking on adventures together.  We dream of leaving a small post it note by her bedside table reading “Good morning beautiful” as we pop out and bring her favourite coffee whilst laying in bed and just talking.  We are proof that the age of romanticism is not over and nor will it ever be.

My good man, do not envy those who have been with multiple people for what starts out as fun soon dwindles into emptiness.  True love is infinite and unconditional and if you ask yourself “Why do I not get the girls” my reply to you is you were destined for the girl.  She waits for you and as you sit by your window looking out into the vastness of this universe wondering where your true love is.  As you do so she looks back at you uttering the very same words.  You are twin flames and as believed by mystics, when the soul was born it was split into two and separated.  Know that you will both find your way back to each other and that the universe is on your side.  No distance can prevent destiny from making it’s grand entrance.



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