How To Practice Thoughtless Awareness

The mind is constantly on the go hardly ever taking time to pause.  We can spend nearly 14 hours a day constantly moving and thinking but when it comes to sitting still in silence for 15 minutes it becomes a gargantuan task.  Why is it so hard to do nothing?

“Thoughtless Awareness” is a concept that was introduced to me through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, an inspirational spiritual teacher.  Tolle expresses that the problem with humanity is that “We are here but we always want to be there.”  We are never satisfied with this present moment just as it is.  The practice of “Thoughtless Awareness” enables us to switch off our mind and create a spaciousness between our thoughts and our current reality.  Embrace this moment in its totality whilst being an observer.

Retreat in nature and sit on a bench on a pleasant day.  Feel the wind caressing your soft skin, let it whisper in your ear, let the sunlight beam on your naked face, listen intently to the songs the birds are singing.  You are witnessing absolute beauty!  Feel your energy vibrate at the same frequency as the nature that surrounds you.  Merge into oneness and don’t be part of the moment, become the moment.  You and the universe are one.  Let everything that is normally in the background move towards the forefront.

If you feel a thought rising do not supress it.  Observe it and let it pass.  Do not analyse it.  You have added a dimension to this moment becoming an observer of your thoughts.  Do not react to these thoughts as the spaciousness you have created enables you to take time to choose how you will respond.  Now bring yourself back to the present moment once more and marvel at the spectacle before you.

You wouldn’t let important guests come into a cluttered home would you?  You clean the house and make space for them to sit.  The same is of your mind.  Clean away any clutter in your mind palace and make room for divine thoughts and inspiration.  This new spaciousness and clearer vibration of energy puts you in sync with the cosmos and all the ideas that are floating around in the ether.  Your mind has become a receiver to infinite possibilities.  Eckhart Tolle said that the spiritual teachings would never have been taught and the books would never have been written if he had not practiced “Thoughtless Awareness.”  Give it a try and watch the magic unfold.

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a life changing book that i would highly recommend.  You can also watch this fantastic YouTube documentary:



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